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Branching Factor #001: DEFCON Podcast

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Tommy Thompson
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We're officially at DEFCON Podcast! Branching Factor kicks off with our inaugural episode as our brand-new podcast kicks into high gear.

Over our first four episodes, we sit down with each of the four co-hosts of Branching Factor. For this first go around, it's George Osborn: the former head of communications of the UKIE (the UK games industry trade representative) and now Director of Policy at Taso Advisory.

Follow George Osborn on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/georgeosborn

In this video we discuss, among others things:

- The changing face of the games industry

- The legal ground surrounding loot boxes

- Possible regulation coming towards the gaming sector

- That Microsoft/Activision deal

Plus some games discussed include...

- Mario + Rabbids (1 and 2)

- Pentiment

- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 [2022]


[00:00] Thanks to our Sponsors: Modl.ai

[01:40] Welcome to Branching Factor

[04:47] Meet George Osborn

[19:26] Playing Some Games

[33:38] The State of the Games Industry

[45:50] Epic Games and FTC Fine

[01:01:02] The Lootbox Problem

[01:17:42] The Microsoft/Activision Deal

[01:35:02] The Impending Future

[01:43:40] Wrapping Up

[01:46:57] Credits


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